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6 reasons for investing in Norway


Powered by renewable energy

Norway is rich in natural resources, including renewable energy. 98% of our electricity production is based on renewables. We utilise this electricity to create energy intensive products with the world’s lowest carbon footprint, and to pilot the zero-emission society of the future.


World Class Industries

Norway has world-class industries within oil and gas, energy, maritime and the seafood sector. We are currently building new, green industries on this foundation, pioneering such technologies as floating wind, zero-emission shipping and carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS). More than 40 clusters engage in world-leading research and development within, and across, a wide range of industries.

Credit: KM Seatex-MRU-Kongsberg Maritime

Highly resilient – and yet easy to do business

Norway was recently ranked the world’s most resilient country. We also rank among the top ten countries in the world on the world happiness ranking, the world talent ranking, the world competitiveness ranking, the environmental performance index and the ease of doing business ranking.


Egalitarian – and highly competitive

Norway’s skilled workforce, characterized by high competence, independence and efficiency, and the balanced three party cooperation between the government, labour unions and industry confederations are an important basis for Norwegian competitiveness across industries. These mechanisms ensure flat hierarchies which combine low conflict levels, high efficiency and flexibility both on local and national level.


Member of the European Single Market

Although not a member of the EU, Norway is fully integrated in the European single market through the EEA and Schengen Agreement.


Great place to live

Norway consistently ranks first in the Human Development Index, thanks to a high literacy rate, great education and material wealth. Norway has one of the lowest crime rates and best welfare systems in the world, ensuring access to high-quality health care and higher education for all.

We are your first point of contact.

We provide information, assess your opportunities, connect you to relevant networks and facilitate investment processes.

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