Ocean Tech

A long coastline with an abundance of natural resources has enabled Norway to pioneer solutions within such sectors as maritime and marine, oil and gas and bioeconomy.

Today, our ocean-based clusters are enhancing our traditional competencies with a focus on sustainability and cross-sector innovation, to spearhead efforts within such areas as offshore floating wind, carbon capture utilization and storage (CCUS) and zero emission transport at sea.

The world’s first operational floating wind farm is Hywind Scotland, developed by Norwegian Equinor ASA. The world’s first CO2 storage at sea was Sleipner, on the Norwegian continental shelf. The aquaculture sector is currently piloting the world’s first offshore fish farm, using technology from oil and gas. AMPER, the world’s first electrical car and passenger ferry powered by batteries entered into service in early 2015 in Norway, there are 40 such electric ferries in operation in Norway in 2020.


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