Norway: A Perfect Place to Build the Digital Economy

With a well-developed digital infrastructure, a highly digitally competent population and a financial and public sector eager to invest in digital solutions, Norway is a natural test market for new digital products and business models. 

Good e-governance

There is a well developed e-governance and public agencies that have come a long way with digitalisation and that have the capacity and expertise to experiment with new technologies.

The Government has committed to facilitating world-class AI infrastructure in Norway in the form of digitalisation-friendly regulations, good language resources, fast and robust communication networks, and sufficient computing power, as well as promoting data sharing within and across industries and sectors.

Norway consistently scores well above the OECD average on measures of digital government.  

Short way to market

Norway, with a high level of trust and informal hierarchies, has an “open door”-culture, is a place where it is easy to get in touch with potential investors, public entities or potential customers. Combined with a financial and public sector eager to try out innovative, digital solutions, Norway is often described as the perfect place to find market fit for digital products and services. 

Norway is home to a host of vibrant startup-communities, which has created a slew of digital success stories over the past few years, like Unacast, Kahoot and Dignio. 

High trust in data management

Norway benefits from a high level of public trust in both the business and public sectors. There is a close tripartite cooperation between employers, unions and government, ensuring confidence in data management issues. This is an excellent basis for establishing regulations and ethical principles using big data and AI.

Excellent digital literacy

The Norwegian population in general and Norwegian business and industry in particular are highly digitally literate, and often take the lead when it comes to adopting new technology. In addition, Norway has a well-developed regulatory framework for digital technologies and services, as well as one of the most digitalised and technologically advanced public sectors in the world.

Leaders in applied AI

Norwegian companies across a range of sectors have fully embraced the potential of AI. The Norwegian processing, offshore, and marine industries possesses extensive experience with researching and applying AI to improve operations. . The Norwegian aquaculture industry, for example, is paving the way for using AI to improve fish health, reduce pollution and increase harvests while minimising the ecological footprint of AI.

This has given rise of the foremost ecosystems for applied AI, with clusters and research hubs all over the country devising AI solutions for everything from framing to ocean mapping drones. 

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